Another data breach

Yet another data breach as a babysitting app suffers hack of 93,000 users.

It’s seems to be practically a daily event now. Something has to change. It’s like the Internet is so useful people are prepared to put up with the risk – if it was any other service, they just wouldn’t use it.

Drawing a parallel with road safety, the government wants to legislate against “dangerous cycling” because of one infamous incident when there’s three deaths every five years due to cycling (yes, I know it was tragic and three is three too many), but there’s thousands of deaths every year caused by motor vehicles but nobody bats an eyelid or even thinks that anything should be done.

It’s just not right. #databreach #infosec #roadsafety

Put your phone down

Put your phone down! Taking photos of bike races can ruin the enjoyment of a bike race for yourself and everyone else around you.

You can’t concentrate on the race and what’s going on and if you’ve been waiting around all day, especially on a flat stage, you’ve missed all the action.

As for waggling your phone around in the air (or worse still a tablet) as the race goes by – just how annoying do you want to be?