Windows 10 – is it really free?

Windows 10 – is it really free?! Here are some answers to this and other pertinent questions: Well, yes, it really is if you currently have Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. You can upgrade for nothing, for ever. You have one year to do this and if you don’t do it in that time, then you’ll have to pay. If you want a new copy of Windows (if you only have XP licensing for example), then you will have to pay too. Lets hope that upgrade process is a smooth one – or people like me might be very busy after 29th July! – and Microsoft might have another gargantuan wad of egg splattered all over it’s face that it may find difficult to recover from. #tech #Win10

Giving Windows 10 away free

Giving Windows 10 away free is a huge gamble – but what choice do Microsoft have?

Giving Windows 10 away free

They are making up for the huge mistake that was Windows 8. Win 8 was a great idea, but in practice it fell from the sky like a Graf Zeppelin filled with lead. You can’t make a desktop computer work in the same way that a tablet or phone does. Square peg, round hole. Lets hope Windows 10 makes a better fist of it. To be fair, it couldn’t be any worse now could it?! #tech #Win10

Smartphones aren’t selling

Smartphones aren’t selling like they used to – just how many phones does the world need?! Smartphones aren't selling

Surely they can’t keep making them endlessly, bringing out new versions all the time. I’ll use mine until it’s worn out. It’s just another way to try to get you to spend money you don’t need to spend. It’s the modern world but maybe people are getting wise to it? Maybe?! #tech #mobile