Traffic congestion

An horrific living nightmare of traffic congestion. There’s demands for Medway Council to take action to end huge queues on Medway City Estate every single day as people sit in the cars waiting to get to and from their workplace. I wonder why this happens ?! Why are industrial and housing projects approved and built without a thought for infrastructure, let alone sustainable infrastructure? When they are built and fully populated why do people continue to drive to, and from, when they sit in a traffic jam for hours and it’s probably quicker to walk (let alone ride a bike) than drive?

Authorites seem clueless. The solutions offered by Medway Council, just aren’t solutions – just a dithering fudge. Too few people see this as an issue and nobody seems to have the wherewithal, let alone the political will, to address it.

The building of Peter’s Village on the other side of Wouldham is just a one-way ticket to another horrific living nightmare of traffic congestions. It’s getting that way already and the place isn’t finished being built, let alone fully populated yet.

The priority is to make money, and nothing else seems to matter at all. Transport-wise, the car is always given the number one priority and they can’t even do that property. Lord help us.  This stupidty can’t go on, surely?