What a windy day!

What a windy day! We’ve had a lot of wind lately! Have you had fun out there with any of these scenarios? I can fully understand the mistaken feeling of assuming you’re on a good ride and like superman on a bike, only to realise when you’re going in the opposite direction that you’ve been assisted by a tail wind. However, riding most always feels like there’s a headwind to me! #bike https://buff.ly/2XXidlc

Facebook WhatsApp Instagram

Facebook is to merge together WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger even though they said they’d never do this.

Should we be excited by this convergence or trembling with fear as Facebook’s creeping dominance tries to take over the planet?

It’s nice to have all your messaging in one place is it not? Well, maybe in theory, but then it’s probably nicer to have different apps for communicating with different groups or people.

Unfortunately, Facebook is in your face trying to rule the world. I’m looking forward to the day of its sad decline which will inevitably come, but will be taken over by some other behemoth technical giant. Its currently the way of tbe world…

#Security #infosec https://buff.ly/2UvrE8y