Hackers targeting US nuclear power

Hackers are targeting US nuclear power plants now. hackers targetting us nuclear power plantsThis is getting proper #scary and is making me want to escape from planet earth. So, moving on from stealing peoples passwords, which seems a little old hat, and painstakingly inefficient, why not take over a nuclear power station and threaten the world with annihilation? Much more exciting and sounds like a Batman script coming to life.

Where will it all end?

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Stream ripping – rewriting the modern world

Stream ripping music piracyStream-ripping – the latest buzzword – or should that be a “buzzphrase”? Have people got nothing better to do with their time when music is so easily available in so many ways these days? It sounds a lot like recording your mates vinyl records on your cassette recorder to me (ah, the good old days!), which just makes it a variation on a very old theme.

I used to have hundreds of cassettes recorded from various sources including friends and even the local lending library. I used to play them in the car but most of them never ever got played that much. I think I slung most of them in the bin in the end I’m ashamed to say.

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