Go SkyRide!

Go SkyRide! SkyRides in Kent are back up and running for the summer – now with 30 additional routes to choose from this year.

Go SkyRide! bike

Want to get back into cycling, gain confidence, or just join a social ride and make new friends? It’s all FREE and anyone can go along. The family focused “Easy” rides start at just 3 miles (so nothing to worry about there) and move up to “Steady” rides at around 6 miles and if you have a taste for it, the harder “Challenging” rides go up to around 30 miles maximum so there is plenty of choice.

Book it up, join in, go ride!



“Learn to love the hills”

“Learn to love the hills” – seek them out, embrace them, thrive on the challenge they bring you!

learn to love the hills

People often cite fear of climbing hills as a reason not to cycle. Is it a reason or an excuse caused by nervous anxiety. Hills are what gears are for. If you break hill climbing down into its component parts and then climb a hill a bit at a time, there really is nothing to be scared of: http://buff.ly/1Ie0Yyd #bike #challenge

Of course, having a mega-expensive bike does make it easier, but even the cheapest bikes you can buy come with gears. So what really is the excuse?!

Breeze into cycling!

Breeze into cycling by joining the “Breeze” network. “Breeze” offer organised, women only group bike rides for free. It’s a part of British Cycling’s Sky sponsored GoSkyRide package, but it’s a separate section to encourage women to get on their bikes.


There are many barriers to cycling and this is a really great way to help bring some of those barriers down. Just create a login and search for a ride near you.

If you like it, why not train to become a Breeze “Champion” and lead the rides: http://buff.ly/1AL7358


Lets ride! #GetOutThere  #bike

Google overhauls security settings

Google overhauls security settings in a bid to “make it easier for people to see and control what data is being gathered about them”.


The overhaul puts all your privacy and security settings in one place. See here: https://myaccount.google.com/?pli=1. Surely this is a great idea, but I guess, as with most things Google, it just depends on whether you can make sense of it or not! http://buff.ly/1FrkeF1 #tech #google #infosec