Lance Armstrong an icon?

Why is Lance Armstrong still an icon to Bradley Wiggins? Maybe not the most sensible thing to say but when has Wiggins ever been sensible? Maybe this is just part of the process of cycling coming to terms which is going to take some time I think? Is this just part of the process that let’s us accept Alejandro Valverde race next season in the Rainbow Jersey, because we have to – we have no choice. At some stage we have to accept what has happened, acknowledge it and not try to wipe it from history.

So if cycling has to come to terms with its dark past at some stage then maybe Wiggo is right after all?

But Lance Armstrong? Not only was he a compulsive drug taking cheat, he was a serial liar and a bully and prepared to do whatever it took to achieve what he wanted to achieve. Some of the things he did were quite despicable. He really should have faced criminal proceedings. So I’m not sure that makes him an icon. An icon of what?