Amazon testing drone deliveries

dronesAmazon are testing drone deliveries in UK. If the tests are successful then Amazon’s parcel delivery will be performed by flying robots! Small online parcel orders could be delivered to your door within 30 minutes. There’s a lot of issues that need to be resolved including some pretty meaty moral ones. It’ll mean less traffic on the roads, but less jobs. The world gets ever more complicated.  #tech #scary

Hide your IP address

Hide your IP address for extra security. A great way to keep yourself safe online. It’s a bit complicated but it really helps. Do you know the difference between a static IP and a dynamic IP? Here’s an article that can really help you decide on how to move forward with your internet security. #infosec


Parental controls not used?

Parental controls not used? – come on sort it out. This report is saying that the vast majority of parents don’t implement parental control on their children’s computers and devices. It’s reasonably easy to do a alarming to think that your children could be free to browse anything they like on the world wide web. If you need a hand, find the @ITGuyOnABike!