A track bike with gears

‘It’s just a track bike with gears’: British Professional road racing cyclist Adam Blythe has spoken out about the sudden and sad demise of the Aqua Blue cycling team he rode for until very recently. It’s a dreadful story of monumental incompetence. From the running of the team to the way it folded, its all a bit Linda Macartney (if you know what I mean?). How is it right that a team can fold the day before it’s due to ride the Tour of Britain?

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Another data breach

Yet another data breach as a babysitting app suffers hack of 93,000 users.

It’s seems to be practically a daily event now. Something has to change. It’s like the Internet is so useful people are prepared to put up with the risk – if it was any other service, they just wouldn’t use it.

Drawing a parallel with road safety, the government wants to legislate against “dangerous cycling” because of one infamous incident when there’s three deaths every five years due to cycling (yes, I know it was tragic and three is three too many), but there’s thousands of deaths every year caused by motor vehicles but nobody bats an eyelid or even thinks that anything should be done.

It’s just not right. #databreach #infosec #roadsafety


Put your phone down

Put your phone down! Taking photos of bike races can ruin the enjoyment of a bike race for yourself and everyone else around you.

You can’t concentrate on the race and what’s going on and if you’ve been waiting around all day, especially on a flat stage, you’ve missed all the action.

As for waggling your phone around in the air (or worse still a tablet) as the race goes by – just how annoying do you want to be?

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Convert your push bike into an eBike

Convert your push bike into an eBike for just £225? Does that sound good? – or is it cheating? – or is it motor doping?! It’s certainly cheaper than spending a minimum of £1k on a purpose built, dedicated eBike. Seems like you take the motor, that is attached to your front wheel on and off when you want to by exchanging the wheel for a non-motorised wheel.

So this has great flexibility, you can swap it between bikes that have the same wheelsize and it’s considerably cheaper than a dedicated eBike. What’s not to like?

Perfect for when you have sore knees or you just simply can’t get up those steep hills any more. I had a go on an eBike recently and it is super, super fun. I’m not sure dedicated eBike shops are going to be terribly happy though – but the world moves on.


3 exercises To gently strengthen your lower back

3 exercises to gently strengthen your lower back – now that is definitely what I need! How to try to fit this in with all the other stretching for my knees, my shoulder, my ankles and the scar tissue on my lip is the real issue! They say sport is good for you, but a lifetime of thrashing your body, just wears it out. Maybe if I could just find the time to fit in some yoga and pilates?!!  http://buff.ly/2kPq9QI